In fulfilling our calling as educator, SoliDEO Christian School positions ourselves as:

  1. The Nation Partner
    Learning is a lifelong journey. Therefore, good learning environment must be set inside and outside the school. As The Nation partner, SoliDEO Christian School works together with every element of societies to set good examples of learning as part of daily life, for the next generations.
  2. The Family Partner
    SoliDEO Christian School believes that every parents wants to give the best for their child’s future. As the family partner, SoliDEO Christian School gives our best to realize it by offering balance education system. Together, with support from parents, we will help the children to be ready for the world.
  3. The Church Partner
    As Church partner, SoliDEO Christian School integrate faith and knowledge in every lessons, as well as providing character building and Christian moral support through activities that are especially curated to facilitate the need such as Counselling, Chapels, and

    Moreover, SoliDEO Christian School also facilitates music, entrepreneurship, and arts program to support talent development. Thus, SoliDEO Christian School may prepare future leaders to serve God.