Post pandemic Covid-19 means it’s Festival Time! To celebrate going to back to school, SoliDEO Christian School will held a festival, called SoliDEO Festival.

In the past, it was known as SoliDEO Cup. However, after many considerations, we decided to change the name into SoliDEO Festival.

SoliDEO Cup VS SoliDEO Festival

According to Mr Jusak Jefta Ratu (project manager), SoliDEO Cup was a great school event. However, the event was mainly about sports competition. This year, we have a new direction for the event. Therefore, we decided to change the name to SoliDEO Festival.

SoliDEO Festival is designed to be a big event, where students get the opportunity to showcase their knowledge and skills through the many activities that will be held. What’s more, we will also have academic and non-academic competitions, students’ performance, seminar and bazaar.

Further, Mr Jusak also explained that this year’s festival is very special. It’s because the festival will be attended and opened by the Mayor. What’s more, this year we will also have Putri Habibie, a famous Indonesian cook-preneur with her social foundation ‘Yayasan Berdaya Putri Habibie’, as guest star and special judge at our Cooking Competition.

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