Practical Life

Through Practical Life program, SoliDEO Christian School focuses on helping each child builds a strong foundation of life, to develop knowledge, skills, good character, behavior, independence and self discipline as lifelong learner.

Student Enrichment

We believe that every child has their own talents. Through student enrichment and academic upgrading class, students are allowed to explore and nurture their talents in area of their choice.


Leadership is important to be nurtured at an early age. It helps students to develop social, reasoning, and self-development skills. Hence, at SoliDEO Christian School, we have special leadership activities.

Green School

Cultivating environment is an important life skill that needs to be developed at an early stage. This helps students to have awareness to take care of the environment and become responsible and ethical individuals.


Our Entrepreneurship program gives students chances to develop their ability to innovate, knowledge, potential, creativity, communication skills, marketing skills and talents.