In The Beginning

Established in 1995, SoliDEO Christian School has long been a home to curious, adventurous, critical thinking, progressive education, musical and creative children. The school is committed to pushing positive change and creating a caring world for everyone.

Dreams Come True

Started with an inspiration from a dedicated and loving teacher that born in a little’s girl dream; SoliDEO Christian School becomes a living prove that dream comes true!

SoliDEO Today

Today, SoliDEO Christian School has grown to have SoliDEO Christian School (Nasional), SoliDEO Pre-School (Playgroup and Kindergarten) and SoliDEO Academy (Home Schooling Elementary – High School).

SoliDEO In The Future

With a mission firmly rooted in early education, starting from academic year 2022-2023, SoliDEO Christian School (Nasional) will focuses progressively upgraded to SoliDEO Billingual.