SoliDEO Christian School

Established in 1955, SoliDEO Christian School has long been a home to curious, adventurous, critical thinking, progressive education, musical and creative children. The school is commited to push positive change and creating caring world for everyone.

SoliDEO Christian School as a non-profit organization in the education field is called to prepare the younger generation to be the next eneration leader with the best Christian education.

Our Focus

There are three goals of this vision:

  • to provide a high quality Christian education with biblical centered values
  • to facilitate the learning process with high levels of support to ensure students’ growth and giving them the right platform.
  • to give contribution for Indonesia by educating the nation.

Expected Outcomes

Through holistic education approach, we expect our students to transform becoming the best versions of themselves when they journey through life after school and beyond.

  • Spiritual Maturity
  • Strong Characters
  • Intellect
  • Critical minds
  • Creative minds
  • Confident speaker
  • Servant leaders
  • Entrepreneur Skills